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Ways of Donations of Bitcoins

The invention of Bitcoins started with the objective of making a better world for everyone. It is a well known fact not every country of this world is equal. At the same time, the economic condition of each country is also not the same. Hence, donations of Bitcoins are very necessary to different charitable organizations in order to make a better world.

Here, we will try to discuss ways about donations of Bitcoins, donations for lost funds and similar other ways so that you can help making a better world. We highly advice that please make donations for better world.

Every year people from all over the world give donations to different types of charitable organizations. Although charity is mainly given at the last quarter of the year, but you can give donations at any period of time during the year.

Charitable Causes Which Accept Bitcoins

Here, we will describe some names of the charitable causes which accept Bitcoins. You can easily donate those charitable organizations or causes in order to make a better world.

The Electro Frontier Foundation

EFF or the Electro Frontier Foundation is a charitable organization which aims at protecting all types of civil liberties which occurred in the online and digital world. This non-profit organization was actually founded in the year of 1990. And, from the year of 2013, this non-profit organization has been accepting donations of Bitcoins. Actually, donations of Bitcoins help this type of non-profit charitable organizations in order to fulfill their aims and goals of making the world as a better place.


Wikileaks is an organization which was established in the year of 2006 with the aim of exposing the classified information of the Governments and other reputed corporations. Actually, this organization is operated by a classified and international group of journalists. Their aim is to expose the truth in front of the world. This organization has started taking donations of Bitcoins from the year of 2010. We advise you to make donations for lost funds. At the same time, we also want to suggest you that please make donations for better world.


Now, we will tell you about another organization which works for a noble cause. The name of this organization is Actually, it is an online based website. And, the main objective of this organization is to encourage the whole world to stop war. This organization was established in the year of 1995 and since then it has been working actively in order to end the war and make the world as a better place for living. From the year of 2013, this organization has been accepting Bitcoins. And, at the current time, this organization is accepting BCS which is known as Bitcoin cash, zcash along with dash.

After reading the above paragraphs, you have come to know about some charitable organizations which are working to make the world as a better place for living. Please make donations for better world so that people can live in a peaceful world.